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Rabbi Azriel Zuckerman

מוהל מומחה


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My Background

Rabbi Azriel Zuckerman began his education in Bris Milah in 2011 under the guidance of Rabbi Shaya Richmond and Rabbi Shmuel Fuerst.  He was certified in 2013 after intense training in Yerushalayim by the famous Teimani mohel Rabbi Yehuda Giat.

In 2017 Rabbi Zuckerman began traveling often to Monsey to learn from Milah Specialist Rabbi Yitzchok Fischer. Under his tutelage Rabbi Zuckerman learned the finer aspects of intricate case such as adults, hypospadias, sunken in, chordae as well as preemies.

Over the years, Rabbi Zuckerman has been performing brissim in KGH and has been an asset to the community especially being available for shabbos as well as Sukkos and Pesach. He has also been called to provide his expert services in other cities from Boston to Virginia Beach and as far as Vancouver, B.C.

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We have only positive things to say about our experience using Rabbi Zuckerman as our son's Mohel. Rabbi Zuckerman is not merely great at performing Brisim, he also assumes the role of Mohel with all of it's ramifications. With a deep reverence of the Mitzvah and exceptional sensitivity towards the parents, he carries the title of Mohel with a combined sense of humility and pride. Rabbi Zuckerman is professional, responsible, and pleasant, and he made us feel comfortable at all times. He provided us with all the information and supplies we might need and patiently answered any questions we had. Our son healed smoothly and quickly and with minimal discomfort. We highly recommend Rabbi Zuckerman for your Milah needs.

Ettie & Yaakov, KGH, NY

He was caring and concerned about our needs and the needs of our son. We could not have asked for a better experience.

Avrohom & Bracha, KGH, NY

I can't begin to explain how impressed I am by Rabbi Zuckerman. He was the Mohel for our second son. He impressed us well before the actual Bris. He came to check up on our baby, during the visit he showed impeccable bed side manners, really caring for our baby. H was thorough in answering any of our questions, and in explaining the ins and outs of the upcoming Bris. On the day of the Bris he took care of all of the baby's needs. He came multiple times to check up on the healing of our son, even coming late at night, when we called about a small concern. Rabbi Zuckerman really takes care of all your Bris needs! Thank you Rabbi Zuckerman.

Michoel & Sima, KGH, NY

We were so grateful to be able to have Rabbi Zuckerman serve as our baby's Mohel! From the minute we booked him we were glad we did. He provided lots of information and patient explanation, traveled to check our baby before and after the Bris, and showed up to our son's Bris with the most calming energy! He was caring and competent from start to finish!

Sara & Dovid, Bala Cynwyd, PA

Rabbi Zuckerman is an amazing! Very caring and well done. We are Sefardi and wanted a specific custom which Sefardim follow. Rabbi Zuckerman respected our culture and followed the Sefardi Minhag. Additionally, he walked for an hour to our house (COVID baby!) on Shabbos. My in laws were really impressed with him.

Miriam & Shlomo, Forest Hills, NY

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Thank you again for everything you did to help us fulfill the mitzvah of bris mila over sukkos. We can't tell you how much we appreciated the way in which you kept us calm, informed, and feeling reassured. You really enhanced our simcha!

Nachi, Michal, and Daniel

Rabbi Zuckerman has a great understanding and respect for the Mitzvah of Milah. He was pleasant and has a calm demeanor. He is detailed oriented and attentive to the needs of the family. We highly recommend!

Naomi & Pinchas, KGH, NY

We used Rabbi Zuckerman for both out sons' Brissim, including one born during the height of COVID 2020. We were very happy with his professionalism and attention to detail to make sure everything went smoothly. During the COVID lock-down, he consulted out pediatrician and took all precautions for health and safety. Rabbi Zuckerman was very responsive and his calm approach allayed any concerns I had as a new mother.

Shira & Josh, KGH, NY

Rabbi Zuckerman did both of my boys' Brisim and he was sensitive to our requests and was available before and after for all our questions and concerns. His attentiveness to our babies and customer service was beyond what we could have hoped.

Kelsey & Moshe, KGH, NY

We used Rabbi Zuckerman for our son's Bris. We were so happy, he was so good with explaining everything that we needed to know and calming me, the mom down. He came to check on the baby before and after the Bris. We were very happy and plan to use Rabbi Zuckerman in the future.

Numi & Yoni, KGH, NY

I have to be honest, I was quite scared seeing our son being brought on the proverbial alter. But before I could blink it was done, putting anesthesia to shame. I highly recommend that anyone who wants their child to have a bris done by an experienced mohel with quick steady hands to hire Rabbi Zuckerman. As an aside, he noticed our child was a little too yellow for the bris in the morning and tactfully led us through the process of delaying the bris, including calling some rabbonim for us to let them know that the bris was delayed.

Binyamin & Elisheva, KGH, NY

Rabbi Zuckerman has been the mohel for our 3 sons, and we couldn’t be happier with his gentle, professional, and expert service.

Daniel & Tzipora, Boston, MA

Rabbi Zuckerman was professional and kind in all of our interactions. I knew our son was going to be treated with utmost caring and careful adherence to Halacha. I highly recommend him to all of my friends.


Rabbi Zuckerman was calm and patient during the whole Bris. When he came to check on the baby before hand he walked us through the whole process and prepared us for everything we would need to have during and after. Thank you!

Chava & Avrohom, KGH, NY

We were delighted to use Rabbi Zuckerman after he performed the Bris for our older son. Without second thought we contacted him again after our second son was born. We continue to be impressed by his professionalism, confidence and true expertise. He was available for us whenever we needed and went out of his way to create an atmosphere of calm and reassurance. Thank you so much!

Eden & Daniel, KGH, NY

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