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Rabbi Azriel Zuckerman
Certified Mohel - Kew Garden Hills, NY

Rabbi Azriel Zuckerman began his education in Bris Milah in 2011 under the guidance of Rabbi Shaya Richmond and Rabbi Shmuel Fuerst.  He was certified in 2013 after intense training in Yerushalayim by the famous Teimani mohel Rabbi Yehuda Giat.

In 2017 Rabbi Zuckerman began traveling often to Monsey to learn from Milah Specialist Rabbi Yitzchok Fischer. Under his tutelage Rabbi Zuckerman learned the finer aspects of intricate case such as adults, hypospadias, sunken in, chordae as well as preemies.

Since 2014, Rabbi Zuckerman has been performing brissim in KGH and has been an asset to the community especially being available for shabbos as well as Sukkos and Pesach. He has also been called to provide his expert services in other cities from Boston to Virginia Beach and as far as Vancouver, B.C.

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